Latest news H&M filed  lawsuits allegedly stating that all graffiti art street art etc had no copy rights! What?!? Well here’s the latest on that 3D301C0F-5DAC-49A0-BAD6-32F5469D4C12

Writing or drawings described as a scribble or scratch often painted illegitimately on a wall or public surface. Examples of graffiti can oftenspray cans bgr2015 be a single written word or amazing wall murals. Graffiti, plural for Italian word graffito which means to incise or inscription on a surface derived from the word graffiare meaning to scratch and Latin word graphium to stylus.  (Merriam-Webster Dictionary 2015).

History of graffiti can be traced back to ancient times. Egyptians engraved drawings and messages on their pyramid walls. In Ancient Rome the lost city of Pompeii’s walls were covered in graffiti often expressing poetry, advertisements and messages, or simply ones name as a form of labeling their presence in the city.

In more modern times graffiti has spread worldwide in major urban cities around the world, becoming more popular throughout the years. There have been many documentaries and short independent films dedicated the history of graffiti. One of the most infamous films created by a French shop keeper turn documentary maker named Thierry Guetta is called Exit Through the Gift Shop. The story follows Thierry Guetta as he encounters famous artist like Banksy, an English graffiti artist, activist and film director whose identity has never been exposed. Thierry Guetta’s goal was to film the artist, however the film took a turn when Banksy whose face has never truly been seen by the public eye started directed the film himself. The film provides an example of the risks and dangers that these artists take in order to spread their artistic message.writerz blok 3.png

Many will argue that graffiti is a form of vandalism, an eye sore and nuisance to our urban communities. Poorly written or advertisements of city gangs will often contributes to the negative responses from the public eye. I myself side with people who find graffiti a form of expressive beautiful art. When drawn with passion and true talent, graffiti can brighten up and create a colorful environment.

Growing up in major cities, I have witnessed an abundance of creative talented graffiti artists and graffiti art. From my birth city of Los Angeles California to my beloved hometown of San Diego California the graffiti art flourishes. Yes, unauthorized graffiti is still illegal and considered vandalism in a legal perspective; however many local communities have learned to embrace the art by developing and allowing designated areas or locations where amazing murals decorate the city walls.

writerz blok 6One such location is called Writerz Blok located in the South East community of San Diego, California. Writerz Blok is a lot full of walls and small buildings that were developed in order to allow local artist and the public to express their talents freely without the fear of prosecution.  I am grateful to write, that I was allowed inside Writerz Blok over the weekend. My goal was to just capture photos of the amazing art displayed all throughout the lot, but to my surprise I walked into an extraordinary art show. The experience was amazing. The artist were guest from out of town, two of the original artist for Tribal (also known as Tribal Gear) a clothing line inspired by local Southern California lifestyles and graffiti art.writerz blok 8.png

Part of my dedication for developing is to deliver to the public amazing stories and experiences like my encounter and adventures at Writerz Blok. I have more to explore at Writerz Blok, new art develops daily by local and out of town Artists. I am in the process of scheduling an interview with the founders and keepers of Writerz Blok. Stay tuned for’s next story on the history and development of Writerz Blok, I hope you enjoy the picture gallery of our experience there…..  writerz blok1


References: (Merriam-Webster Dictionary 2015), (Exit through the Gift Shop 2010), (Tribal Gear est. 1989) Special Thanks to Writerz Blok and all the artists whose art is displayed throughout the lot.






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