San Ysidro?

Yes San Ysidro the last town in San Diego before your hit the Mexican border so always Remember if you miss that last US exit make sure to throw your guns out the car window. I once heard someone refer to San Ysidro as the little pocket on a pair of jeans that no one seems to remember exist. Not the best description of such an important city in Our Crazy San Diego county but it makes perfect sense. See we all have that little pocket but most of the time we pass right by it to get to the main source which of course we all know on a pair a jeans is the big pockets. Now in San Ysidros case we normally pass right by it while headed for our neighboring city of Tijuana Mexico land of tequila and blow jobs.

Name after San Ysidro Labrador (Saint Isidore) patron saints of Farmers originally Founded  by Journalist William Ellsworth Smythe in 1908 the community of San Ysidro was Once known as Little Landers.  “A little land and living surely is better than desperate struggle and wealth possibly”

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