The Lemon Grove Incident

"...No Southwestern state upheld legally the segregation of Mexican American children, yet the practice was widespread. Separate schools were built and maintained, in theory, simply because of residential segregation or to benefit the Mexican child. He had a "language handicap" and needed to be "Americanized" before mixing with Anglo children. His presence in an integrated... Continue Reading →

Beautiful “Golden Hills”

From Indian Hill to Golden Hill Before Anglo real estate developers set their sights on it, Indian Hill, as it was called in the early 1870s, was home to local Native Americans who lived in the then largely open land that is now known as Golden Hill.  The area’s journey to becoming Golden Hill involved... Continue Reading →

Midway Dr.

"Where you could find crazy deals for auto repairs, and while you wait visit one of the neighboring strip clubs... kill two birds with one stone"...-  

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